Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your training apart from other trainers?


My main focus is functional training. I train your body so you can continue to do the things you love. Helping my clients reach their health & fitness goals is MY PASSION. I truly believe that a strong body,

clean eating and taking care of yourself makes you a happier person. 

How will I know if you're the right trainer for me?


The first step, is for you to set up your FREE Fitness Consultation. We will discuss your goals, what your barriers have been that kept you from achieving your goals, any health concerns, nutrition and the FUN part, a mini workout. You will get to experience first hand my training style before you even sign up to train. 

I haven't worked out in so long... will I be able to handle it?


You're in good hands...I promise! I have been training for 25+ years. My top priority is safe training for my clients. That means, no matter what your fitness level or injuries you have, we go at your pace. I modify any  and every exercise to fit your needs. This is NOT a cookie-cutter approach, this is individualized training.