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About Shannon

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and Instructor for the past 24 years...I have helped my clients to better health and fitness through training sessions and lifestyle changes. Growing up in an athletic family with six brothers, sports were a daily aspect of my life. At the University of Texas at Pan American, I was a starting forward in basketball and ran on the cross-country running team. After college, I continued to be a competitive distance runner– it was at this time that I got into coaching and personal training. My fitness training includes: nine years as a YMCA Adult & Youth Fitness Director, Coordinator, Trainer, Coach and Instructor; two years as a trainer in a Chiropractic clinic where I focused my training on functional mobility exercises to improve core strength, balance and posture. In the past thirteen years, my passion has been helping individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle through one-on-one, couples and group personal training.


My Passion!

 To help you reach your goals! That desire, combined with my experience as a life-long athlete and Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer has prepared me to work with clients of all levels. I have been a part of some amazing transformations in the lives of countless clients. Everyone has their own personal goals and their own individual reasons for wanting to change the path that they're on. 

It is your journey, as your trainer, I'll help you get there.

The one thing my clients get to hear me say OFTEN... I love what I do!  

I motivate people to live happier, healthier lives.

It's not just about exercise...its about looking and feeling your best!


What Is YOUR Goal?

 Want to lose weight, change your eating habits, have more energy, feel better in your clothes and your body, look good naked, or maybe you just want to make a lifestyle change?

If you're having trouble doing it on you own...

Let me help! 

Call me for a FREE Fitness Consultation 830.865.0198

There's no obligation. It could be the best hour you've ever invested in yourself.

We'll discuss your goals, your health/injuries, barriers that have kept you from

reaching your goals, nutrition and complete it with a FUN sample workout!

I promise you, it's worth it...YOU'RE worth it!


One-On-One/Couples Training


Get personalized training that is designed specifically for your individual goals, fitness level, with an acute awareness to any health or injury concerns.

Group Training Classes


An energetic Group Training class where everyone

is training for similar get stronger, healthier, leaner and more FIT!

You go at your own pace.

Yoga Classes


Great overall workout for the spirit, mind & body.

Gain strength, balance, flexibility, toning and mindfulness through ashtanga yoga poses.

Nutrition Consultation


First, let me say that I am not a certified nutritionist. However, I teach my clients how I eat to maintain a strong & lean's not a diet. 

It's clean eating.

Biggest Winner Fitness Challenge


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Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge!

April 22 - June 27...ARE YOU IN?!

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Pilates Reformer Training is pilates training guided by a focus on holistic development and conditioning of the body, mind and spirit through movement

client success stories


Jennifer lost 62 lbs in less than a year and re-gained her confidence back!

'Loss and a deep grief brought me to my lowest point. I came in searching for even the tiniest bit of physical strength to get me through. Not only did I find physical strength, I also regained my confidence, my health and my life.'

Kelli had 60 Days to 'Get HOT' before her vacation.

I remember the first day I met Kelli, she was wearing a pair of bluejean shorts, size 16.

Her first words to me...'I NEED HELP!' She had two months before she was to go on a safari vacation. 

'On Day 60...I put on my skinny jeans and a tank top for the first time in years! I felt great!'

Kyle neglected his health for years, thinking he didn't have time to work out.

'When I finally decided to make my health a top priority, everything in my life changed. I am stronger than I have ever been, and I have more energy to devote to all the other important things in my life. My biggest worry was that my business would suffer, but it has actually thrived because of my new outlook. Shannon has pushed me to do things I once never thought possible, and the transformation has been truly remarkable, not just physically but mentally.

Walker will always stand out to me as one of my most favorite & amazing transformations...not just physically but his whole self.

On the first day I met Walker, he had a beard that covered his smile and long hair that went all the way down his back. He was a genuinely nice guy but I got the sense he wasn't very happy, at least with himself. During our initial consult he revealed to me that he had been working out but that his eating habits were 'Horrible'. Immediately, he changed his old eating habits and stated training with me. In three months, Walker had lost an incredible 60 lbs. After getting to know Walker, I jokingly asked him one day when he was going to cut his hair and his beard...that he was hiding his smile. He told me 'NEVER! This is my identity.'  

Exactly a year from when he started training with me, he had lost 90 lbs!! To celebrate his new transformation, I took him out to dinner (healthy of course!). He showed up having cut his beard and long hair off and was wearing a size 34 khakis and a belt that was obviously too long. Over dinner, I asked him what made him cut his hair & beard. 

He said, 'I had always worn it like that to hide himself. I believed that body was what I had to live with, I didn't like it, so I tried to cover it up.' I asked him why he was wearing a belt that was way to big for him. He reminded me 'This was the belt I was wearing the first day we met and I could barely fit into it.' 

Jill became so passionate about her transformation and her new healthy lifestyle, that she became a personal trainer to help others in their pursuit of a healthier life change.

I asked Jill what made her finally decide to get serious about her health, this is what she shared with me...

'A year ago today, I met my husband for lunch at a place that served hamburgers on donut buns. I weighed almost 200 lbs. and felt like crap, was always tired and my body hurt all the time.' 

'Today, I ran 3 miles without stopping, took care of kids all day, rented a u-haul and loaded sheetrock then unloaded it, and met my husband for lunch. This time, I had a turkey burger on lettuce with fresh salsa, cottage cheese and avocado with a side of homemade sweet potato fries. I'm tired and my body is sore but I'll take this hurt and tired any day! Thank you to my trainer!'

Dyana lost an equivalent of another person...122 lbs!

Dyana came to me on a mission...there was NO WAY she was going to let that scale read 300 lbs. She started her journey at 296 lbs. She had two goals, to lose the weight and to be able to go shopping without dreading it. She lost that 122 lbs. to get to her goal weight of 174 lbs and went from a size 20 to a size 10. When she shared with me what it felt like to lose that much weight, she hesitated for a second, her eyes watered, and she told me 'I have never felt so confident in my whole life. For the first time since I can remember, I am excited about going shopping for myself!'


if you're not sure which training program would best fit you, your trainer is there to help you find the right fit, just for you!

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